To make sure you get the most out of your massage, please consider the following suggestions: 

  • Shower before treatment 
  • No sun bed, sauna, sunbathing (As it can be painful)
  • No drugs and stimulants (i.e. alcohol, smoking, coffee etc)
  • Not a good idea to eat 1 hour before treatment
  • Prepare head and face if having full body massage (oil in hair etc.)


After your treatment with Aimor we recommend some self aftercare as the effects on the body is on going and reacting after the treatment for approximately 24 hours. To get the maximum outcome of your time with Aimor and get the greatest benefit of your treatment, please try to follow the basic guidelines listed below:
  •   Drink plenty of water

  •   Reduce your caffeine (Caffeine dehydrates, tea, coffee and colas)

  •   Avoid alcohol for 24 hours

  •   Reduce the amount of smoking

  •   Relax make time for your self

    You may experience reactions to the treatment when the body is in the healing process.

    Reactions may be:

  •  Runny nose or some congestion in the sinus area, or cough this is the body attempting to get rid of toxins

  • Frequent visits to the toilet - the body getting rid of waste
    Slight rash / redness as the skin rebalances and rids itself of toxins

  • Sweat again this is a way the body is getting rid of toxins

  • Some conditions that have been suppressed may flare up temporarily

    before they heal

  • Have difficulty sleeping or have deep sleep and vivid dreams