Available Treatments

(Note each treatment is tailored for your needs e.g Soft or deep tissue work) 
Sports/Deep Tissue Massage
(Revitalise Level 3)
1-2 Hour  full body

This Massage is primarily aimed to alleviate discomfort in the muscle for athletes or active people.

 It involves body massage, stretching and some deep tissue technique if necessary.

The Basic
30 Minutes
Basic back massage, arms or legs
(The amount of pressure you want is up to you)

Seated (chair) Massage

15 Minutes

 Massage focuses on the areas of your back, shoulders, neck, arms and sometimes glutes . You are massaged over your clothes without any use of massage oil.

Back, Shoulders & Neck

1 Hour

Full back massage also target your congested troubled area.

Back, Shoulders, Neck & 
1 Hour

This massage is relaxing and soothing, whatever your feeling let it melt away with this massage 

Body Massage 

1-2 Hour full body
Basic full body massage tailored for your needs 

Revitalise Massage 

  1-2 Hour full body

Take some time for yourself and enjoy relaxing massage to help you unwind, de- stress and feel pampered. An ideal, thoughtful gift for yourself or a loved one!  

Fusion Massage

1 Hour 30min Treatment

This is a fusion- style massage, a mixture of light energetic massage with some deep tissue work if necessary to rejuvenate.

Combination of Ayurvedic with Western Massage techniques.

(recommend 2 treatments)

Yoga Restart Massage

2 Hour Treatment

A treatment for well- practiced Yogis or people who train/practice yoga intensively. The aim is to put you in the restart position, this massage helps towards clearing the Nadis pathways allowing Prana to flow more efficient also using deeper stretches and deep tissue technique if needed. 

Help towards your asanas and tight areas of the body, to release emotions/traumas that are held in the body for what ever reason which allows to aid in your own personal development alongside your Sadhana in your yoga.

(recommend 2 treatments)
Grafters and Mothers Massage

1 Hour
Those who work hard on a work site and those at home looking after the kids.
Treating the arms, hands, back, shoulders and neck, plus if you like a nice face massage you can have that as well.

*please note that 15 minutes is required for the consultation before treatment!